Stanford's online faculty search toolkit

[July 28, 2016] Note to Toolkit users: For Toolkit resources such as top producers lists and (general or customized) availability pool data, please contact Toolkit support

For help with using the Toolkit during the months of August through October, sign up for Yan Li's Thursday morning consulting hours here:

This online Faculty Search Toolkit site is provided by the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity and is intended to supplement search materials and guidance provided by schools and departments. It serves as a confidential resource for faculty search committee members and departmental or school search administrators working on active searches in the current academic year. It includes:

  1. Best-practice pointers for setting up and conducting effective searches (formatted as policy guidelines); and
  2. Resources (customized by discipline) to help search committees implement the guidelines.

Departmental search administrators with active searches should login (with your SUNet ID through WebAuth). If you are new to the online Toolkit, contact the Toolkit Team at the Office of Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity for search administrator access to the Toolkit website and an orientation to Toolkit use.

Departmental search administrators are responsible for creating and maintaining search toolkits (one toolkit per active search). While many resources, such as job posting sites, sample letters, etc., are automatically populated when a toolkit is created, departmental search administrators are encouraged to contribute to building these resourses by adding new materials relevant to their respective disciplines.

Faculty members on active search committees may access Outreach Strategies and Resources (simply login with your SUNet ID through WebAuth), which incorporates the guidelines and some of the resources. Faculty members may also request departmental search administrators grant access to the specific toolkit(s) for their ongoing search(es) to access the full list of discipline-specific resources.